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Pallets & packaging types

Below you will find information on pallets and several types of packaging.

Euro pallet

Euro pallets

Standard size (L × W) = 800 mm × 1200 mm
Maximum pay load = 1000 kg*
Empty weight = 25 kg
* If the pallet is of good quality.

A Euro pallet is always marked as a Euro pallet using several abbreviations like:

  • EUR
  • DB

These are the most common abbreviations. Unfortunately there are also fake Euro pallets. These are Ewpallets (one way pallet) falsely marked with the abbreviation EUR without the ring around it. A false Euro pallet can be recognized by the thickness of the wooden planks. (1 cm in stead of 2 cm). Unfortunately we are forced to regard a false Euro pallet as a EWPALL and cannot exchange these pallets.

UIC withdraws the PKP the right to grant the trade mark

PKP pallet

The UIC (Union Internationale des chemins de fer) has withdrawn the Polish Railways PKP the right to grant the protected trade mark. This means that all Europallets marked with the sign of the Polish Railways PKP cannot be exchanged within the Europalletpool and are considered as trade mark imitations and will be withdrawn from circulation and destroyed by the European Pallet Association (EPAL) with the help of the customs and police.

This decision has been taken because Euro pallets manufactured in Poland by PKP are of bad quality and have damaged the Quality Trade Mark Euro pallet.


EU countries participating in the exchange system

For Euro pallets there is an exchange system in the following EU-countries: 

  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland

Outside these countries shipping goods on a Euro pallet is unwise because there is no exchange system and these Euro pallets should be considered lost. This loss cannot be claimed at the Logistic Service Provider. For more information regarding Euro pallets please read our terms of Trade.

Blok pallet

Chep pallet

For Chep pallets there is an exchange system within the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands it is not advisable to ship your goods on a Chep pallet because these are rental pallets and are not always accepted/ cannot be swapped at the unloading address. The freight forwarder is not responsible for pallets which were not swapped at the unloading address. For more information: www.chep.com

Standard sizes (L × B) = 1000 mm × 1200 mm
Maximum pay-load = 1250 kg*
Empty weight = 30 kg
*If the pallet is of good quality.



Sizes inside (L × W × H) = 115 × 75 × 105 cm
Sized outside (L × W × H) = 123 × 80 × 105 cm
Maximum pay-load = 1250 kg*
Empty weight = 70 kg
*If the pallet is of good quality.

There are exchange systems for gitterboxes in some countries. The boxes must comply with the DIN 15155 standard.

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